Blunt 1997 - 2014

As of May 2014, Blunt will no longer be representing photographers, illustrators or creative & art directors - instead we’ve decided to have a little break from it all and close our doors. Don't worry there will be a party and you'll all be invited, so watch this space!

The Blunt family have all gone to find homes with new agents and we wish them every success in the world. They’ve all been amazing, and I, for one, have loved looking after each and everyone one of them and will follow their careers always….So thank you Colin Lane, Hamish Brown, Luke Kirwan, Dean Rogers, Matt Brooke, Satoshi Minakawa, Arnhel de Serra, Luke Stephenson, Rupert Meats, Ian Stevenson, Damien Poulain, Claudia Boldt and Rob Clarke...and not forgetting Ben Hassett, Robert Erdmann, Dmon Prunner, Skye Parrott, Kid Acne, Jermaine Francis, Paul Smith, Stephane Gautronneau and Andreas Bleckmann.

A thousand thank you’s to our suppliers - the set builders, prop stylists, photo assistants, digital operators, equipment companies, casting agents, producers, retouchers and the studios who we couldn’t have done any of this without.

Then of course a huge thank you to our clients - to every ad agency, design company, record label, magazine and newspaper that has supported and believed in us year in year out. You’ve all made it a rather interesting few years - in fact I’m not sure there's ever been a dull moment.

Time has literally flown by, from our humble beginnings in a Kensal Green living room, to climbing the heights to our Shoreditch penthouse (!) Blunt's been through a lot ... a lot of cups of tea, computers, notepads, chequebooks and pens. A mountain of tear sheets, portfolios and pages (Brodie you must be a billionaire!)... There's been an awful lot of tried patience but there's been even more laughs - if only you could hear us when we put the phone down...

There probably should have been a swear box...or maybe two.

There's been 6 Blunt babies and that's just the staff. There's been drunken Christmas parties... stylists, make up artists and hair all those wonderful photographers, illustrators & art directors who have made Blunt what it is today.
There was Blunt Paris, but let's forget that...

There's always been me and there's pretty much always been Tracy, without whom I'd have been thoroughly lost… There's Dawn who feels like she might as well have been here from the start, and I kind of wish she had. There's Nick who brightens up our Thursdays with his calculator & timeless style.... and I mustn't forget Ailsa, Hels, Dr Claire, Alison, Rob, Nawshika, Kate & Laura, plus some dreadful work experience girls who don't know how lucky they were, apart from Beth who was brilliant... I'm told there was someone called Veronica but I don't recall her at all!?

Then, of course, there was Caren…my other half! Well, we showed Debbie, didn't we hey?!! What a good idea it was after all…now it's time to think of another one.

Bye x

Ps Thank you Nan, I owe you.

'Goodbyes' by IAN STEVENSON