9th April 2014

Ph: Dean Rogers
Still Life Ph: Luke Kirwan
Ag: M&C Saatchi

Dean and team flew to Barcelona to shoot this 5 image Ballantine's campaign.

Golfcourses, design offices, cafes, deserts (!) & artists studios were the chosen backdrops to each, with Dean doing his thing lighting the locations with a beauty and softness to create a warm and real feel to the shots...

With thanks to Karin Otte as always!

The Double

3rd April 2014

Ph: Dean Rogers
Film Co: Film4
Dir: Richard Ayoade
Design : Empire design

After working on Richard Ayoades first film, Submarine, Dean was welcomed back by the Director to shoot the stills and poster for his second feature, The Double - a Dostoyevsky adaptation that stars Jesse Eisenberg as a nervous man terrorised by his arrogant doppelgänger.

The Double, which also stars Mia Wasikowska, Yasmin Paige and Wallace Shawn, taps into the dark side of the human psyche.

The film goes on release in the UK this Friday.

British Heart Foundation

18th March 2014

Dir: Dean Rogers
Prod Co: Royle Productions

Dean Directed the new commercial for the BHF, and it was obvious why he was chosen. His amazing ability to capture human emotion, through a true empathy with his subjects, adds to the beauty of the piece.

Producing a short personal film for each family of the loved one lost, Dean created a 'life story' for each person by gathering personal photos, letters etc which the families saw for the first time on the shoot day. These short films were projected onto a screen, with Dean & team filming from behind the screen, allowing the families to open up honestly as they watched the story of their loved ones.


18th March 2014

Ph: Luke Kirwan
Ag: Adam&Eve DDB

The second of three new ads for VW's 'Well Worth It' campaign - involved elements that you probably wouldn't expect to put together if you wanted an easy day in the studio....

20 real cats looking calm, surrounding by a huge sprinkler system with puddles the size of ponds and a car that needed precision lighting... easy peasy if you're Luke.

All in a days work.

Sunday Times Style

13th March 2014

Ph: Luke Stephenson
Pub: Sunday Times Style Mag

Yet again Luke comes up with an innovative way to shoot accessories without confirming to the fashion or beauty ideals we expect to see in editorial...and again his colourful style, and twist of subtle humour works a treat.

With huge stretched carpet 'canvases', Luke worked out his jigsaw of holes / accessories / placement of what and where as the shoot went along, keeping things fluid and fun. Textures and colours setting off the product clearly in each of the sets.

Ben Sherman Denim

13th March 2014

Dir: Luke Stephenson
Co: Ben Sherman

Luke continues to build on his film work with this latest commission from Ben Sherman. Asked to create 3 short films to reflect the different denim wear collections from Ben Sherman - The Cobden, The Turnmill and The Dingley jeans each with their own brand colour backgrounds show our models trying out different stuff while wearing the trousers.

From playing the kayzoo, roller skating, eating a banana to watering a pot plant, and hoola hooping ... there are 12 random things played out to some right old catchy foot tapping music....see the link below for more.

DJ Avicci

10th March 2014

Ph: Hamish Brown
Pub: ES Magazine

Only 24 years of age and already a millionaire, DJ Avicci's path to fame & fortune has been a rapid one which initially led to excesses which saw the young DJ end up in hospital twice.

Now more level headed, Stockholms music master is global success, which also means his schedule is tight...which is why Hamish had to work his wonders in the 30 minute slot the DJ had time for in between gigs galore.

You can't say he isn't working hard for his money!


28th February 2014

Ph: Hamish Brown
Ag: Karmarama

After months of searching high and low for the Cobra man, the perfect Boss was found.

Shooting both in the studio, and also on location at one of London's many own working brewery's, Hamish captured our Boss in his role at work & play... brewery owner by day for Cobra, and bra factory owner by night at Bra'co!

With super clean lighting, Hamish's image matches the brands slick new identity.


27th February 2014

Ph: Luke Kirwan
Ag: Adam & Eve DDB

This is the first of three ads Luke is working on for creative car brand VW - and sees the ever popular Beetle car up to its eyes in bath time bubbles.

Luke is becoming known for his innovative approach to shooting cars, often creating interesting environments and large set builds to capture the work in camera.

The 2nd and 3rd ads will run consecutively over the next month or so, and have our various vehicles visited by all sorts!


20th February 2014

Ph: Dean Rogers
Ag: Grey

As part of Lucozades' huge YES campaign, Dean was commissioned by Grey to shoot three new print executions for them. Two of which will run now, with the third running later in the year when English summertime kicks in, and the festival season is in full swing.

Realism and true enjoyment of our cast were key to the series of ads. Dean & his teams' creation of the perfect party environment, approaching it with both film lighting and atmosphere were essential in creating these brilliant, upbeat and lively images.

A fun day was had by all!

Hardy Amies

20th February 2014

Ph: Dean Rogers
Ag: View

Deans Hardy Amies SS14 mens campaign is now out in press. The series of ads start to run in magazines this month.

Shooting around the streets of London, this part 2 of Hardy Amies A-Z of fashion, took them to the Serpentine, Fitzrovia and Soho.

The brochure imagery sitting beautifully alongside the campaign.

National Theatre

6th February 2014

Ill: Rude
Co: The NT / National Theatre

6 artists were asked to produce limited edition screen prints for the NT to celebrate their 50 year anniversary. RUDE was one of the chosen few, alongside Graphic Thought Facility, Michael Craig-Martin, Jamie Reid, Paula Scher and David Carson.

The NT wanted to celebrate the fantastic range of drama and theatre taking place in schools today , sending the posters out to every secondary school and college across the UK.

The National Theatre's new retail space 'Shopping & E*ting', is open for business so get down to the Southbank!

Hole & Corner Magazine

4th February 2014

Ph: Luke Stephenson
Ed: Hole & Corner

A little bit of festive fun was had by the H&C team & friends at their masked ‘Festive Feast’ dinner at Habitat’s Platform space on London’s King’s Road.

Inspired by the upcycling ethos of Petit h and the traditions that Simon Costin is upholding as founder of The Museum of British Folklore.

The assorted guests got stuck into the mask making – using materials kindly donated from Dege & Skinner, Habitat, Hermès and William & Son..and who better to capture the portraits, none other than our very own Luke Stephenson who was on hand with his polaroid camera.

Lorraine Pascale

21st January 2014

Ph: Hamish Brown
Ed: ES Mag

Lorraine Pascale, one time model, TV chef and Manhattan socialite poses for this cover feature for ES Magazine with Hamish.

From being discovered at the age of 16 to become an international model and John Galliano's muse, to hanging out with Robert DeNiro and Mickey Rourke, 'My Kitchen Rules' is Lorraine's new tv show and it launches at the end of this month.

Styled by Nicky Yates

GQ Magazine

17th January 2014

Ph: Luke Kirwan
Ed: GQ Magazine / Mercedes Advertorial

Luke loves shooting on a large scale, and he loves shooting cars … but this shoot took things one step further.

Creating a huge fashion catwalk, with Karmer Sets, which needed to be shared with not only 10 male models but Mercedes latest CLA 45 AMG model.

Essential collections meet essential transport for the new season ahead!


15th January 2014

Ph: Luke Stephenson
AD: Damien Poulain
Rec Co: Sony BMG

Two more singles, seen here, have now been released from the FOXES new album, Glorious.

Lukes graphic imagery sitting perfectly within Damiens design - complementing one another and keeping a beautifully strong continuity across the campaign.


15th January 2014

Ph: Hamish Brown
Ag: CLMBBDO, Paris

The Winter Olympics is fast approaching and one of the biggest sports featured is Ice Hockey. The top players are huge celebrities both in their home countries as well as the countries of the league teams for which they play…basically move over football!

Hamish travelled to Washington to shoot the Russian international & Washington Capitals captain Alexander Ovechkin. Continuing Hamish's longstanding relationship with male grooming giant Gillette…the best a man can get!

Hardy Amies

14th January 2014

Ph: Dean Rogers
Ag: View Creative

Working with the wonderful CD Valerie WIckes & team for the iconic heritage brand Hardy Amies, Dean created the imagery for their new SS2014 collection.

Shooting around the streets of London, this part 2 of their A-Z of fashion, took them to the Serpentine, Fitzrovia and Soho.

A big thank you to the brilliant Jo Matthews, who brought the production all together!

James Blake

18th December 2013

Ph: Hamish Brown
Pub: ES Magazine

This years Mercury Music Prize Award winner James Blake, is NOT to be confused with James Blunt ( tut tut Lauren Lavern ) …

With 2 albums to his name, his ethereal, sometimes haunting soundscapes are winning the hearts of electronica music fans the world over.

Little known fact - he once made our Dawn pass out at a Rough Trade East 'instore'….true.

Robbie Williams

18th December 2013

Ph: Hamish Brown
Ag: In Good Company

Shooting behind the scenes of Robbie's latest video for his new release, Swings Both Ways, there was an obvious Christmas theme to the whole event.

Having worked with Robbie for many, many years it was refreshing for Hamish to take a more reportage role on this occasion capturing Robbie on and off set enjoying the day.